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Polyversal Base Game (With 2 Battlegroups of Minis)

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Design: Ken Whitehurst
Development: Byron Collins
Editing: Michael Koznarsky
Rulebook Layout: Marc von Martial
Cover Artwork: Bruno Werneck
Section Artworks: James Masino
Combatant Tile Artworks: Bruno Werneck, James Masino
Graphic Design: Byron Collins, Carl Olsen
Polyversal Arsenal Application: Carl Olsen


After a long-awaited successful Kickstarter campaign, Polyversal is now available for purchase. The game comes with or without miniatures. This product, CEW00010, is a preorder of the game WITH miniatures which gives you everything you need to play including miniatures and combatant tiles from two different factions comprising two unique Battlegroups - UN A "Quick Reaction Force" and OPFOR A "Minutemen". For a base game WITHOUT miniatures, please see CEW00009. For electronic rules, please see CEW00016.

"Polyversal is a tabletop miniatures game that puts you in command of an army set in a plausible-future Earth."


Polyversal is a universal tabletop miniatures game for two or more players designed by veteran gamer Ken Whitehurst and developed and published by Collins Epic Wargames (known for their award-winning Spearpoint 1943 line of card wargames). The system is intended for use with 6mm scale miniatures, but may be used with larger 10mm or 15mm miniatures if desired. The game uses color-coded polyhedral dice and Combatant Tiles to reflect the combat qualities of your units, their weaponry, attack ability, evasion, effectiveness, and more.

  • A single roll of three color-coded polyhedral dice is used to resolve each attack without the need for re-rolls to determine hits, saves, or damage effects. This makes combat resolution fast and intuitive.
  • Hexagonal Combatant Tiles that you may create and customize to represent miniatures from any line physically arrange together to provide a visual command structure for each "battlegroup" you form around a central command unit. With all of the vital information you need on each Combatant Tile, your eyes remain focused on the battlespace, not the rulebook. 
  • A sleek initiative-based orders and activation system keeps players continually involved. You don't stare and wait as your opponent has fun- Initiative "face-offs" between Battlegroup Commanders determine the next minis that activate.  

"Polyversal is a revolutionary gaming system for sci-fi tabletop wargaming and has been in development for nearly a decade."

  • New to miniatures gaming? Boxed games include everything you need to get started- with or without miniatures from several reputable manufacturers. Perfect for those new to tabletop wargaming. Note: See product CEW00009 for base sets without miniatures.
  • Are you a veteran gamer with armies amassed over years of campaigning? Our easy to use Combatant Design Rules and Arsenal Design Application allow you to develop your own Combatant Tiles for any miniature in your existing or future collection, from any line. 
  • Do you love great sci-fi artwork? We hired concept artist Bruno Werneck (Tron: Legacy, Thor, Star Trek, Titanfall) and artist James Masino (The War Co. Card Game) to bring Polyversal to life.
  • Fantastic Rules Support from Collins Epic Wargames
  • Expanded by Polyversal UN Peacekeepers Expansion (UN B, CEW00011), Polyversal OPFOR Texas Militia Expansion (OPFOR B, CEW00012), Polyversal Mercenary Balkenkreuz GmbH Expansion (Mercs, CEW00013)
  • Recommended Accessories: 15 Extra Polyversal Dice (CEW00014), 25 Die-Cut Blank Tiles with Thermal Die Cut Hex Paper (CEW00015)

Components (all Full Color)

  • Rulebook (8.5x11, full color, 172 pages)
  • 18 Scenarios (released when available)
  • 2 Sets of Orders Tokens
  • 2 Sets of Tracking Counters
  • 15 Polyhedral Dice (3x each: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, color-coded for Polyversal)
  • 2 Quick Reference Cards
  • Arsenal Design Tool for creation of Combatant Tiles
  • Telescoping Box
  • 6/10mm Miniatures forming two Unique Battlegroups for each main faction - UN A "Quick Reaction Force" for the UN (a future version of the United Nations) and OPFOR A "Minutement" for the OPFOR (Opposition Forces). See complete miniatures lists below and photos.
  • Combatant Tiles for each of the miniatures included in each of the two Battlegroups noted above (Typically 1 tile per model type is included with more for Infantry).

Miniatures Included (w/Tiles) - UN A "Quick Reaction Force" (See Photo)

  • 24x 6mm Power Armor (Brigade) 
  • 4x Quoll Recce Vehicles (Brigade) 
  • 3x Wombat Grav MICVs (Brigade) 
  • 3x Ocelot Light Grav Tanks (Brigade) 
  • 3x Encegon Heavy Tanks w/Heavy Plasma Gun and Missiles (Plasmablast) 
  • 4x Janus Scout Walkers (Hawk) 
  • 3x Leehark VTOLs (Plasmablast)

Miniatures Included (w/Tiles) - OPFOR A "Minutemen" (See Photo)

  • 24x Progenitor Heavy Infantry (Plasmablast) 
  • 3x Wolfbite Missile Trike (Plasmablast) 
  • 3x Ratels (Brigade) 
  • 4x Catroux Main Battle Tanks (Brigade) 
  • 2x Drones w/Missiles (Mircroworld) 
  • 2X Siafu w/Rail Guns (Microworld) 
  • 3x Dragonfly VTOLs (Mircroworld)

Note: Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled.

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What Players Say

"A level of crunch in the app to make units, and streamlined gameplay makes it a perfect combination for me." - Lee Sweeney

"Every mini I've been hoarding for 30 years finally has a use!" - Charles Lewis

"Full marks to the Arsenal app, very easy to use. Also the rules allow plenty of variation so models that would have been very similar to other models in other rule sets can be made different in Polyversal" - Tim Snoddy

"The game is quick, it’s tactical and has a great command and control mechanism, so it’s perfect for playing large sci-fi games."  - Mike Hobbs Review

"Polyversal has a lot going for it; an engrossing story line and framework for gamers to help build upon and expand, astounding art from Bruno Werneck, a self-contained box set with elegant, streamlined rules that you can put right on the table, and an open system from which you can adopt your own models to, in any timeline you wish." - Review by Maurice Fitzgerald

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